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But those who wait upon the LORD will renew their strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.

(Isaiah 40: 31)

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We are so excited that you have taken a step to get to know our team and yourself better, hone your spiritual gifts and learn to SOAR with other women just like yourself! SOAR is unique in that we provide fellowship, tools, and training for the equipping of women in their lives and spiritual callings!

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What is SOAR? SOAR is not just another event or conference for women to go to, it is a MOVEMENT. It is our passion to empower women so that they can step into their God-given callings with confidence. To minister healing to the hurting and broken while teaching truth and imparting Godly wisdom, and strength. We do this by fostering an atmosphere of healing where the Holy Spirit can flow freely.

Soar Board Members

Jane Morin is the founder /visionary, as well as the Director of Soar and Co-Founder of "Bound No More" Deliverance Ministries. She is called by God to equip the saints and to lead others to Jesus. She is also the overseer of the Jane Morin Evangelical Association. You can learn more about her by going to:

Cher Butler is our Assistant Director and has been an intricate part of all that we do at Soar Texas Women's Events. She is also the President of "I Will Not Keep Silent Ministries" and Co-Founder of "Bound No More" Deliverance Ministries. You can learn more about her at

Ruthie Dickey is on the Board for Soar Texas Women's Events and offers an immense amount of wisdom to our team! Ruthie is the co-founder and Vice President of "I Will Not Keep Silent Ministries" and Co-Founder of "Bound No More" Deliverance Ministries Learn more about her at:

Soar Texas Women's Events

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Bella Jimenez

Soar Board Members

Jane Morin and Kasey Fuller

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SOAR 2022 Testimonies

Let your spirit soar

I know that I should not be so surprised at all about what God did for us at SOAR 2022. However, the Father continually is full of surprises!! My goodness! Almost from the moment, we kicked off at 2:22 pm on Friday, the atmosphere was full of the glory of the Lord. In our afternoon prophetic hour, so many were already being set free from pain, deep-rooted fear, witchcraft, anxiety, and suicide. After praying for an entire year for SOAR 2022, our team knew that something very special was going to take place. Many say they were not prepared for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at our meeting, but I beg to differ. We were prayed up and ready! It was marvelous all weekend as women let go of hindrances and stumbling blocks that have prevented them from walking into their God-given destinies. The board members all received a double portion of God's anointing at Soar too! The proof of that was during and after Soar when healings, deliverances, and miracles have not ceased! The Glory of the Lord is on the earth and there is an open heaven at Grace and Mercy Fellowship, where Soar 2022 was held. We give God all the glory for what He did at Soar and in the days following. - Jane Morin/Founder

Soar 2022 was such an amazing time in the Lord. What a joy to see God move so mightily in the lives of the women who attended. There were salvations, baptisms, healings, deliverances, equipping, and more that took place. Yet, it remains challenging to attempt an accurate description of the event because human words fall short and simply cannot accurately convey the things of the Spirit. For anyone who attended Soar with a willingness to receive, there was an encounter with the power of the One and only true God. There were lives transformed and made new. My heart remains full of the joy and encouragement I received personally. I am reminded of Isaiah 64: 4. Since the beginning of time, no eye has seen, and no ear has heard what God will do on behalf of those who wait on Him. God is so good and He certainly showed that to be true at Soar 2022. - Melissa Hooper

My experience at SOAR was amazing. I got delivered from anxiety and I praise God for that. I enjoyed the services, praise, worship, and food, as well as the amazing women of God giving testimonies. In addition, several got baptized and the feet washing at the end was inspiring. It was a very powerful time in God's presence. - Fran Rushing

The ladies put together a Holy Spirit-led conference which was very organized. It was awesome! I received awesome teachings, worship, dream interpretation, and more. There was the washing of the feet which was the first time for me and it was so humbling. I also received a prophetic word from the Lord spoken by Cher. Thank you, ladies, thank you so much for everything. I can't wait for next year! - Melba Arizpe

My experience at Soar 2022 was amazing! God spoke to me and told me that I had been in the desert too long and I needed to drink the living water of Jesus. I recommitted my life to God and drank deeply of His Presence, His healing, and His new beginning for me. I believe every person there was affected in some way this weekend. The Holy Spirit was moving in a very real, profound, and intentional way. The speakers used their God-given gifts to teach some things that were not taught to me before, but by the end of the classes, I could not doubt, disagree or discount anything that I saw or heard. It was thoroughly backed up with Scripture. There was truly a fresh wind and fresh fire throughout and I believe it touched us all!! Grateful, thankful, and blessed to have

been there. - Kathy Stewart

I am trying to find words for everything that happened at Soar. It is so hard to pin it down. I was delivered. I came out of agreement with fear and doubt. I no longer wonder if I'm good enough or if God is really talking to me. I know He is. I spoke the first prophetic words that I was brave enough to speak. I was released from the chains that have held me down for eighteen years. My eyes were anointed, and I now see clearly what God is showing me and I hear beyond a shadow of a doubt. I know I am His and He is mine. He knew me before I was created, and I chose to be His and spend my life serving Him. My daughter was set free from so much! Thank you, Jesus! I had the pleasure of baptizing her after I was baptized as a public profession of me diving deeper into what God has for me. I will no longer back down. I will stand strong in my faith and share the words God has placed in my heart and pray for everyone that He asks me to intercede for. The Holy Spirit is moving and I am so excited to be on fire for Him! Satan, you are done trampling over me! Ever Since Soar 2022, I have been given words for people and been shown things that would only come from God. I am so ready! I never want to lose this fire! - Bella Jimenez

I have been trying to think of the best way to put this into words, and what part of my testimony to share. But really, it's all a part of the same story because without the first I would not have had the second. At Soar, I was set free from the chains I had been carrying with me for eleven years. Then I had an encounter with the Father and He gave me silence in my head, which brought a peace that I will never be able to explain. He speaks to me daily and I never want to leave his presence. Because of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit at Soar, both my youngest daughter and my husband confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior! - Kathryn McCain

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Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion, for behold, I come and I will dwell in your midst, declares the Lord.

(Zechariah 2:10)

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